Popular Paint Colors for Living Rooms That Are Commonly Used

There are many color choices to provide a variety of ideas that appear to the living room decor. The idea of colors can arise due to pre-selected theme. Typically, the selected color is not far from our favorite colors. However, we can also consider the popular paint colors for living rooms in order to become standard in determining the right colors for home. What will be written here are the popular colors that come from purple and green.

Purple Color for Living Room

The purple color gives coolness to the guests who are visiting. The coolness of the color can calm the nerves. Simple relaxation can be obtained directly just by chatting with friends or close relatives in the living room. Purple color selection is very diverse. There is no prohibition to take purple color of any kind as long as it does not collide to another color that is not match. Colors such as these are usually chosen for the living room in apartment that seems small.

Paint Colors for Small Living Rooms Ideas Paint colors living room

Green Color for Living Room

As the opposite of purple, green brings freshness, but it can also be made for warmness. Green color can fill for the wall paint or it can fill for the decoration. If you are considering green to fill wall color, you can apply the other color to be combined around the living room. Green becomes one of the most popular paint colors for living rooms because green can adapt to most of the themes that usually are applied in the decoration. Bring white as the second dominant color beside green. White can give the image of clean and modern. Light this room with white light to keep the freshness stands out.

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You have two options while decorating the room with popular paint colors for living room. The first option is to fill the color to the furniture around. Choose another wall and floor color if you already choose this color for the furniture. The second option is o fill the color in the wall or floor. This option can allow you to fill some green colors to the essential furniture of the living room.

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