Choosing Colors to Paint Living Room in Gothic Theme

Bringing back the gothic theme into modern times require a lot of inspiration. Gothic theme is always associated with ancient style that existed at the time of 1100s until 1200s. Generally, the building at the time looks high and tapering. Decorations arrangement is like vintage, but it relies on dark colors. The colors to paint living room is suited to the furniture that fills the room.

Show Back the Old Architecture to the Living Room

Objects that can bring back the old architectural design can become a mainstay in this theme. No need to look for old stuff, you just need to look for items that can represent these ancient items. In fact, the furniture does not always have to take on the vintage theme because you can also apply for a modern style mixed with old style. In the modern theme, usually need to pay attention in the form of some existing furniture such as wall lamps, wooden forms of sidearm chair that is tapered, and others.

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Dark Colors Are Often Used in the Living Room

Dark colors are usually used for gothic living room. But, you do not need to put all the dark furniture in the dark living room. You can also give a light touch, but remains a classic. If some items are already dark, you can choose white as one of the colors to paint living room. In fact, other colors can still work together in one room like brown and pink.

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Do not be afraid to experiment when you already have an image of gothic you want. You need to suit your image with the inspiration that can be found easily on the internet. You can even consult in advance if you have any doubts for colors to paint living room in gothic theme.