Self installed Stairlift Question

There are a number of self installed stairlift models being offered direct to the consumer on the internet.

There are number of key issues to consider when finding stair lifts.

1) The main reason someone would consider a self installed stairlift is the perception that they would save money.

2) In actual fact…a good quality used, installed stairlift maybe less money when stairlift buying than a new self installed stairlift.

3) There are some new stairlift manufacturer models that are being installed by stairlift dealers that are actually very close in price to a self installed stairlift so why bother trying to install the stairlift.

4) A stairlift is similar to a furnace…  you rely on it to work continuously. This means that if you can get a local company to supply an installed stairlift for close to the price of a do it yourself model then this would be the best solution.

5) A local stairlift installation company can assist you in selecting the best stairlift model that will meet your specific needs.

6) Some companies selling new stairlifts models direct to the consumer on the internet are indicating that it takes only one hour to install the stairlift. This is very misleading in that it will take you over an hour to just open the boxes and orientate yourself to the parts, never mind install the lift.

7) Installing a stairlift is for a technically inclined person regardless of what is being said in the market place.

8) A stairlift is a mechanical device that requires either regular maintenance or service support.

How to Research Stair Lift Manufacturers

There are about ten stair lift manufacturers that are supplying the North American and UK market place.

Each manufacturer offers a few stair lift models. Some offer a self installed stairlift.

Overall, there are about 15-20 stair lift models to select from.

Access, Acorn, Bison Bede, Brooks, Bruno, Minivator, Stannah, Savaria and Summit are the most common stair lift manufacturers.

The key to selecting the right manufacturer is to understand your specific needs and how they relate to a specific stair lift model.

There are many issues in determining the correct stair lift model. Just a few examples of these issues are…

  • Seat height of the stair lift relates to how tall the stair lift user is.
  • Soft start and stop stair lift models may be more essential if the stair lift user has lower back pain.
  • For a detailed list of these issues click stairlift buying.

There are many other correlation’s between the stair lift model selected and your specific needs for example a standing stair lift.

A local stair lift installation company can be an essential part of the solution to finding a stairlift model.

So… the best way to select the right stairlift manufacturer is to first choose a local installation company to work with you.

A stair lift must also meet your specific physical needs.