Modular homes are prefabricated houses that consist of several sections that are assembled in a remote facility and then delivered to their end location using large trucks and cranes. There are several factors that make building and using modular home builders a more affordable option should you be restricted in time and budget.

Speed Of Construction

Due to modular home builders working, in large, indoor warehouse facilities, the weather does not prove to be a determining factor in the construction and delivery time of the homes. For an outdoor built home that may have taken over four months to complete due to inclement weather, modular home builders can complete their project in a little under one month. The near elimination of construction delays dramatically increases the speed of construction on these homes.



Along with the speed of construction, which places a cap on spending, modular homes are an incredibly affordable option for several cost-effective reasons.

  • No Material Delivery Fees: With the modular building taking place in a centralized location, large amounts of building materials are generally available on-site to be used in each build. This drastically cuts down on the cost of materials and on the fees for delivering them in smaller quantities to each building site.
  • Eliminating Site Theft: No one likes to think that there could be a theft of the construction materials from the build-site, but unfortunately, it is an all too real, and all too common, occurrence. With little to no security on construction sites, and people coming and going all throughout the day, it can be all too easy for unscrupulous people to load up a truck with siding and masonry materials, bricks, drywall, and even interior doors.
  • Lower Material Costs: Due to the large-scale manufacturing ability of modular home builders, they are able to negotiate with their suppliers for a better pricing breakdown on all of the materials that are used to construct the modular homes. These savings are then passed on to the homeowners by way of a lower cost for the homes. You can still have excellent stone masonry finishes and masonry style builds are available and very stylish.

Better Return On Investment

With the lower construction costs and the reduced construction timeline, modular home builders can oftentimes realize a much better return on their initial investment for these types of buildings.

A  Greener Option

Modular home builders rarely deviate from their selected few floor plans; this allows them a solid idea as to the quantities of construction materials that they will need to get the job done – effectively eliminating the headache of ordering too much of a specific item. There are several other items that make modular homes a more green option than their built-on-site counterparts.

  • Reduction In Waste
  • Reduction In environmental disturbance
  • Reduction In carbon from earth-moving construction machines

Consider a modular home for your living needs, especially if you are located in a more rural part of the country.